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Olivia desperately searches for her husband, a suicidal war vet who just returned home from his fourth combat tour in Iraq.  In a strange turn of events, police target Ben, and he quickly goes from missing, to wanted.

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It is spring, 2011.  Ben is a struggling war vet who recently returned home from his 4th combat tour in Iraq, after serving the past 8 years in the Second Persian Gulf War.  He rushes out of his classic cape cod home with a pistol in his hand, followed by his wife, Olivia, fighting perilously to get him to stop.  Olivia’s soft voice is heard… “There are 7 billion people alive at this moment… They say the chances of finding your soul mate, a love recognizable at first sight, is roughly one in ten thousand…”  Olivia watches with harrowing eyes as Ben drives off.  “Maybe that’s why for those of us who do, we’re willing to battle through any war to keep from losing them.”  Olivia rushes to another car, and speeds after him, only to be pulled over.  Officer Fox draws his gun at Olivia as she jumps out of her vehicle, franticly demanding help, but is not getting through to him.  Defeated, Olivia notices a small bar in the distance, sending her into a memory of the night she and Ben first met, in Spring 2003.  A by chance meeting before they were both leaving town.  She, back home to MO, and he, to Iraq.     

Olivia works with Officer Fox at the police station, but becomes weary when he introduces a set up of specifically detailed questions.  They go back and forth as Officer Fox interrogates her, launching us into flashbacks of Ben and Olivia’s journey together through four deployments, to the present day.  Watching first hand, the deterioration of a soldier’s spirit and mental health, and how war can challenge even the strongest love by boundless circumstances.  Happy times quickly fade as Ben returns home from war a little less himself each time.  Begrudging severe ptsd through societal pressures, and now Fatherhood.  This is when he is sent back a fourth and final time, promising Olivia it will be his last.  But when he does return, the battle is far from over, and the war is brought home with him.  Officer Fox seems to have an underlying motive, and the more we learn, we begin to think he could be on to something… When Olivia can take the questioning no longer, Officer Fox reveals that a man was murdered an hour after Ben disappeared, and a description of the suspect matched closely to him.  Olivia argues that her husband is only a threat to himself, but it is all over the news, and Ben goes from missing—to wanted. 

Out of hope, Olivia calls Sam, Ben’s childhood best friend.  Though he had a falling out with Ben mid-story, Sam may be the only person to know where he is.



Amazing Talents



Writer, Actor (Olivia), Executive Producer

Bel is a compassionate writer and actress, originally from a small town in Wisconsin.  Her talent for writing was discovered in a high school history class when she wrote a short story about a girl’s life during the civil war.  Soon after, she was elected into an advanced writing class that focussed on storytelling.
When she was 18, Bel auditioned for her first off-broadway play, a stage production of 'The Diary of Anne Frank', and landed the leading role of Anna.  From there she went on to star in many stage productions, before crossing over into film acting, landing leading roles in two feature films set to film during the same summer.  Soon after, Bel was accepted into the Gately/Poole Conservatory of Acting where she studied closely with Kathryn Gately, and Richard Poole, diving into the world of Meisner acting.  That same year, she was one of twelve actors accepted into Parkside University's Acting program.  Of the twelve students, Bel was one of three girls accepted.   
Though it wasn’t her main focus, Bel went on to study creative writing in college.  As a Theater Major with a concentration in Performing Arts, she soon discovered her ability to combine her talents, and began writing film scripts to create ideal roles for herself.  Her focus was on supporting women in film, and writing strong female leads with a voice.  After successfully producing three short films, she advanced into feature film scripts, ready to tell more developed stories, and dive into deeper characters. The first feature length script she wrote, LILY, was quickly recognized, and optioned to a production company in Hollywood while she was still living in Wisconsin. STAY is now her second completed feature film script, and one she is determined to see through to completion on her own.



Actor (Ben), Co-Producer

Chad is the starring lead of the ongoing Sony Pictures SNIPER military action film franchise, playing 'Brandon Beckett' opposite co-stars Billy Zane, Tom Berenger, Dennis Haysbert and more across four installments including SNIPER: ULTIMATE KILL (2018). Chad is also the lead playable character in the global hit video game CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE,
which has grossed over $1.3 billion since it's release last fall.
As a former entertainment publicist-turned-full-time actor, Chad has over two dozen significant theatrical credits, including leads in both independent and studio features, recurring/guest-starring roles on network and cable TV, and playing the starring lead of the sci-fi series "Extinct". His recent credits include "MacGyver (CBS)", "Creepshow (AMC Shudder)", HIGH MOON, "The Christmas Cabin (Amazon)", "Blue Bloods (CBS)", "NCIS: New Orleans (CBS)", and "Christmas Cupid's Arrow (Ion)" to name a few.
Chad is also a budding producer, having served as Associate Producer and lead actor in the action-horror-western film HIGH MOON, and he has several other projects in development. His combined 25+ years of experience as a working actor, publicist, and talent manager associate gives Chad a unique and insightful approach to navigating the entertainment industry, and he has enjoyed helping many actors in an audition, coaching, and career consulting capacity.

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Line Producer

After attending the New Actors Workshop Conservatory in New York City, Britt moved to Los Angeles where he quickly became a part of the new generation of multi-hyphenates, an actor, writer and producer. A few television acting credits include the series lead on "Cryptid: The Swamp
Beast" (History) Tyler Perry’s “Too Close to Home” (TLC) "True Blood" (HBO) Outer Banks (Netflix) and starring roles in feature films "Heels", "RockBarnes: The Emperor in You" “Boonville Redemptions” and the soon to be released “Cult Cartel”
Britt began producing with "Burning Hollywood" an original web series and one of the first under the now popular SAG New Media. He followed that up with the feature films “From the Shadows”, “Trim” (co-starring two time Academy Award
nominee Bruce Dern), Award winning “Cathedral Canyon” , “RockBarnes: The Emperor in You”, “Heels” (Amazon) and has several projects in development.



A report published by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), which analyzed 55 million veterans' records, the current analysis indicates that an average of 20 veterans die from suicide per day.



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